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What to Expect if You've Never Boxed

Do you want to learn to box but you've never thrown a punch in your life and you don't frequent the gym? It can be intimidating to step into a new gym full of seasoned athletes but have no fear -- we train people at all times of the day and at multiple locations just let us know you want to book at a time when it's not busy and we'll make it happen! We also do house calls and train people outdoors if that's your style.

What is the Right Age?

There is no right answer to this question, some people prefer to start their kids training when they're well under 10 years of age; many Olympic and world champions didn't get into the sport until much later in their lives. It all depends on your goals and your mindset, it's never too late and it's never too early.

Difficulty of the Workouts

Each training session and program is tailored to your goals, skills, and your level of fitness. Our coaches will push you to reach your goals but we will never overwork you or ask you to do something you're not comfortable or capable of doing. We work with you to set YOUR standards.

"I played sports my whole life but didn't get into combat sports until I was 18 years old, and had my first sanctioned fight at 19 years old. There are many examples of late starters who went on to achieve high levels of success in boxing such as Rocky Marciano, Joe Joyce, Bernard Hopkins, and Deontay Wilder to name a few. Your level of success will depend on your goals and your drive! Even if you never want to compete, the toughest part is getting to the gym for the first time." Leo

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