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Cardio, boxing, and your well being

Adding cardiovascular workouts to your fitness routine will have a huge positive impact on your boxing stamina, and your general health. Most fighters have "roadwork" multiple times a week when they are in training camp. This is a boxing term used to denote a fighter getting the miles in on top of your boxing workouts. These runs will help strengthen a boxer's legs and their lungs. If you ever see someone gassing in a fight or in sparring it is either a failure of their cardiovascular preparation or muscular fatigue -- both of which can be dangerous to a combat sports athlete. A lot of knockouts occur when an athlete is physically tired from over exertion and the reflexes and senses start to dull, and they begin to get hit with big punches. The better conditioned athlete will carry a huge advantage into the match with them.

For the non-boxer, cardio workouts go a long way towards their general health and provide many advantages such as: Lower blood pressure

Benefits to immune system Healthier sleep

Weight loss

...and many others

Cardio workouts are not necessarily 5 mile runs and sprints that will leave your legs toasted for the rest of the week. We suggest starting with a 15-30 minute fast walk or light jog. Eventually you can work your way towards the 60 minute mark, this will greatly help you with weight management and cardiovascular health. For the more advanced workout machine, try alternating hard sprint-like workouts with longer distance workouts for your cardio routine.

If you take something away from this entry... cardio workouts are good!

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