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We strive to upload new content, tutorials, workouts, and other videos to our Instagram channel for free! Follow us now to continue your boxing education online for free @lionboxingfts

Basics and Beyond

Our video tutorials are arranged by playlist and range from boxing basics to advanced techniques to workouts at the gym and at home!

Upload Schedule

We try to bring you two to three instructional videos every month and our content choice is determined by our clients and by our followers on Instagram who reach out and ask about things they want to learn!

"Most of the time I'm recording the videos by myself and cutting and editing them on my own as well. My video editing skills are not up to par as of yet but I'm getting better! The reason I'm not able to put out as many videos as I'd like is that it takes me a long time to get the video and audio feeling like I want it to, and even then I still see a lot of things that I would like to improve. I'd like to thank everyone for the continued support and I look forward to bringing you more content in the future!" Leo

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