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Busy days!

As some of you may have noticed the coaching staff has been very busy in recent days I think it would be a good time to give you some updates with what we've been up to!

I (coach Leo) will be fighting on the 16th of October right here in Albuquerque for Legacy Boxing Promotions at the Kiva Auditorium. I did the first 3 weeks of my training camp here getting in shape and getting my timing down, I spent the next few weeks in Las Vegas where I did the majority of my sparring with world class heavyweights; I will finish the last two weeks back in Albuquerque with my coaches.

Coach Nick is currently training with at the APD Police Academy and will be graduating in a few months. Needless to say he has been very busy with his training regimen, but is looking forward to getting some free time so he can start working with clients again!

Coach Dwight has been busy with his own training and coaching clients where he can fit it in, hopefully we'll be able to drop some exciting fight news for you soon regarding him and his combat sports career.

Make sure you're staying up to date with all of our social media on Instagram -- we will be back to posting new tutorials to the LBF Instagram page soon!

Instagram pages:

Lion Boxing Fitness: @lionboxingfts

Coach Leo: @leothelionboxer

Coach Nick: @the_iron_minister_

Coach Dwight: @akuma_mma

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