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Coach Paco

Boxing experience: Growing up in New Mexico Coach Paco was involved in many sports including his favorite -- basketball; he began boxing in high school under the tutelage of his grand-uncle who was a professional boxer. After high school his job took him all over the United States where he was able to compete and study different boxing styles from the east to the west coast.


Coaching experience: After finishing his competitive boxing career Coach Paco fell in love with the idea of helping people through sports; he is passionate about working with underprivileged kids and those who did not have the same opportunities that he did growing up. Starting in the early 2000's Paco took on some of his first coaching duties including his son at a young age, since then he has coached amateur Golden Gloves champions, professional boxers, and professional bare-knuckle boxers. In 2021 Coach Paco and his partner Frankie Armijo opened the "Duke City Underdogs" boxing gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Personal Note: "Outside of boxing I am a family man and I enjoy spending time with my two children. The Land of Enchantment has great camping, fishing, and recently I have gotten into horseback riding, all of which I have been taking full advantage of!"

With the Duke City Underdogs crew at the 2022 New Mexico State Golden Gloves. Coach Paco helped bring up multiple state champions this year


After a successful knockout performance from his pro boxer Martin "Duke City Boy" Armijo

Coach Paco travels to many fights to corner his fighters all over New Mexico and the Southwest, he also loves working with non-competitive athletes and beginners


Coach Drew

Boxing experience: Coach Drew started boxing in 1997. Fought on the U.S. Army Team "World Beaters" based out of Ft Hood, TX. Won the USAREUR Championship in Germany (super middle weight class) in 1998. Fought in South Korea, Kuwait, Germany, and throughout the southern U.S.. He had an overall total of 54 amateur fights.


Coaching experience: Coach Drew started coaching in South Korea in 2003, later moved back to the states and coached the WMD Boxing Team in Central Wyoming. In 2011 Coach Drew made the move to Oklahoma where he opened his own gym - Wind River Boxing. During his years coaching in Oklahoma he was responsible for coaching the now retired George "Comanche Boy" Tahdooahnippah who finished his career (34-3-3) and Oklahoma's undefeated super middle weight champion Marcus "Milk" Sanchez (7-0). Coach Drew has also worked with many pro and amateur MMA fighters to improve their striking game. Having worked with a variety of boxers including adults, kids, professionals, amateurs, and fitness enthusiasts; Drew's passion lies in working with people who have big goals and love to put their time and dedication in the sport. 

Personal Note: "I'm a Native American enrolled in the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, from the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. I have 2 daughters, and we love to do anything that gets us out of the house and into the wilderness. We love to hike, fish, and run on country trails. I train my daughters to box as well, so    yes -- I do have a huge passion for boxing!"


Making the walk with his fighter George "Comanche Boy" Tahdooahnippah to defend his belts


Coach Drew giving his team a post training pep talk in Oklahoma


Wrapping a young boxer's hands prior to competition!

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2-A-Week Monthly Plan



If you are keen on improvement and consistent training this program will ensure that you're staying training with your coach! For full details check out the MONTHLY PLANS section on our POLICIES PAGE

3-A-Week Monthly Plan



If you want to see real results then this is the plan for you! Meet three times a week with your coach at times that work for you. For full details check out the MONTHLY PLANS section on our POLICIES PAGE


All monthly plans must be paid for in their entirety up front at the beginning of the montheach monthly plan lasts the duration of 4 full weeks (Mon-Sun) and can start on any Monday

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The monthly plans were created for consistent people who want to see real results, at this price point you are committing to one full month. There are no refunds once you have paid for the monthly package and we are unable to carry over weeks/sessions because of work, travel, or emergencies

Each week's sessions must be scheduled on the weekendonce the schedule is set we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reschedule you if something comes up but we will do our best

We will do our best to get you scheduled at your desired times, if needed or if you so choose -- you can train with multiple coaches

In the event that our coaches will be out of town for competitions we will let you know as early as possible and make sure we get you scheduled with one of our coaches at a time that works best for you

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