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Albuquerque's premier boxing and fitness coaches


We bring high level boxing training to all people who have an interest in boxing, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle by connecting YOU to an expert COACH

Lion Boxing Fitness was founded in June 2019 by Leonid "Baby Drago" Grachev to provide elite level boxing training for people of all ages and backgrounds! Having worked with a variety of clients of all skill levels and walks of life we have the tools needed to help you reach your boxing and fitness goals! From kids programs to running Parkinsons Boxing classes our experience stretches across the spectrum. 


"Leo helped me prepare for my first amateur fight, he put together a strategy for my bout and helped me get on weight. He worked my corner and we got the win!" 


Candace A (29) 

"I did personal training with Lion Boxing Fitness for a year. They are great coaches, encouraging, extremely knowledgeable, and always keeps lessons fresh and challenging. I would very much recommend them to anyone looking for a great workout!"

Allie E (27)

"I first met Leo at a boxing class for Parkinson’s, at that time I didn’t have much mobility. After attending the class twice a week for a couple of months my symptoms improved to the point that I started taking private lessons from him every week. Leo was just what I needed to begin my rehabilitation, he pushed me on technique and over the next several months my symptoms improved enough that I could actually step in the ring and spar with him. Anyone serious about wanting to learn boxing and improve I would highly recommend Leo."

Sterling S (54) Parkinson’s challenged 


Learn the sweet science at some of Albuquerque's best gyms! Sharpen up your skills and get in great shape through bag work, focus mitts, footwork drills, and boxing specific exercises.


Do you want to get in the best shape of your life? We can get you there through a series of workouts personalized for your needs with a mix of boxing, strength, and cardio training!


Weight loss is a common goal. We are focused on helping you feel, look, and perform better. But if you are looking to shed some excess pounds, we can help you optimize your diet and workouts to encourage weight loss.


Competition is the pinnacle of sports, but the training is no joke. With personal experience in over 60 bouts we will get you ready for your first match or improve your skills and tactics for your upcoming bout or tournament. Let us know that you're interested in competing and we will work with you!


We offer training at gyms all over Albuquerque, outdoor workouts, and house calls (house call prices may vary based on proximity). Train at some of the most prestigious gyms in Albuquerque including the world famous Jackson Wink MMA Academy, Duke City Underdogs Boxing, and the ABQ staple Jack Candelaria Boxing Gym among others. 

Your workouts will be tailored towards your personal fitness goals, whether that means a full session of boxing or a mix of boxing, strength, and cardio elements, you're guaranteed to get a great workout! 

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